Best Bread Machine and why?


I have an Oster,, but would prefer smaller loaves. Also need an excellent recipe for cinnamon raisin bread. Thanks.

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May 30, 2010

Nikki P @ 7:50 pm #

You can make smaller loaves in most machines. Just find a bread machine cookbook that has different size loaf recipes. The several books I have all list the ingredient quantities for 1 pound, 1 1/2 pound and 1 3/4 pound loaves.

Next would be the cycles that you use most often. Are you cooking with whole grains a lot? do you do bread with nuts, raisins or other add ins? If so look for one that will have a cycle or timer so you can add things at the correct time.
Basic Cycle
Sweet Cycle
Raisin Cycle
Whole Grain Cycle
Dough Cycle
Then Crust controls are some things to look for.
But if you never use any of the other cycles then why pay for them. So look for a machine that will let you bake the breads you want for the least cost possible.
You may even want to try looking in some of the Outlet stores where they sell "reconditioned" units. Most still have a warranty so if there is a problem you can exchange the unit. Or get one from a place like Bed Bath and Beyond, use the 20% off coupon and they will take returns if you don’t like the way it bakes the bread.
I have a Panasonic and never had a problem with it but I don’t use it every day or even every week anymore. (Did use it every week when I first got it though. So much good bread, bad for the waist line!)

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